Protecting Your Home in Frigid Temperatures | MA Winter Tips

Protecting Your Home in Frigid TemperaturesBrrr, it’s cold out there. With sub-zero temperatures reaching Massachusetts, it’s time to think about how to best protect your home in frigid temperatures. Here are a few MA winter tips to consider.

Keep Your Thermostat Higher Than Usual

With temps so cold, your home is at greater risk of bursting pipes and other dangers. During this type of weather, it’s best to keep your thermostat set to a higher temperature than usual during times when you’re not home. Although this may result in a higher heating expense, it will prevent other, more costly, issues.

Insulate Your Pipes

Go down to your basement and get a sense of just how cold it is down there. If your pipes are exposed, they are in greater danger of bursting. Take a trip to your local hardware store and purchase some pipe insulation. They are inexpensive and easy to install!

If your home is prone to freezing pipes, you may want to take some additional precautions. Put your faucets in the kitchen and baths to a very slight drip. Open cabinet doors to allow heat from the room to reach the pipes. Lastly, make sure you know where the main water shutoff is, in case of an emergency.

Keep Cold Air Out!

Feel a cold draft anywhere in your home? That’s a big sign that you should take some action. Cold air is entering your home and heat is escaping. Consider caulking around windows and doors. If you have old and drafty windows, think about covering them with plastic kits from the hardware store. Closing your curtains (or purchasing insulated curtains) can also help too. Close chimney flues when not in use, of course.

If you have double doors in entry ways, try to close one before opening the other. The less you leave your door open, the better! Every bit of heat in your home will help, so be conscious not to leave doors open when entering or leaving your home.

Protecting Your Home in Frigid Temperatures

Taking precautions and practicing good habits are key to protecting your home in frigid temperatures. Following these MA winter tips can also help prevent costly repairs and headaches. Stay warm and stay safe!