Things to Know before Buying a Home with a Pool

Buying a Home with a PoolFor many home buyers, the presence of a pool can create a bit of a dillemna. For some, it’s a great added feature, while for others, it can be a burden. Where you fall into this range will depend on your lifestyle and your knowledge of pools. Here are a few things to know before buying a home with a pool.

Dive Right In

Get educated by asking the current homeowners everything they know about the pool. When was it built and what company was used? Do they have all of the necessary equipment and accessories? Have any of the components been replaced or repaired? Would they be able to provide maintenance records? You’ll also want to inquire about maintenance costs and monthly fees – everything from pumps and chemicals to service charges. Another thing to consider is the climate where you live. Will you need to winterize the pool and refill come summertime?

Under the Umbrella?

Another major consideration is homeowner’s insurance and liability coverage. You will probably need to add an umbrella policy to your existing insurance. Owning a pool has an inherent set of risks and you will want to protect yourself from liability. Check with your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance agent to see what options are available.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that all safety features are in place– i.e. proper fencing around the pool, covers for intake, etc. Determine what the regulations are in your area regarding pool safety requirements.

Don’t let it slide…

If you decide to buy a house with a pool, make sure to have a knowledgeable pool technician perform an inspection. Your regular home inspection won’t cover this (and the inspector won’t necessarily have the knowledge to assess it properly.) This inspection should evaluate if there are any cracks (in the pool, tile, or surrounding deck), check the plumbing and valves for any signs of leaks, as well as the equipment (filters, pumps, ladders, cleaners, liners, etc.) – a comprehensive look at the overall condition of the pool and all of its equipment and accessories. You’ll want to know what you’re dealing with from the start in order to make an informed decision.

More Things to Know before Buying a Home with a Pool

A pool can be a wonderful amenity to have, especially during those hot summer months, as long as you educate yourself on it and understand the responsibilities. There are many things to know before buying a home with a pool, and even more to know the first year that you own one. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and instructions from friends or family members who already own pools. You can even contact a local pool servicing company for a tutorial on ro