Mandatory Driver’s License Suspension in Massachusetts

There are circumstances that may result in mandatory driver’s license suspension in Massachusetts. Do you know what these factors are? If you are 18 years or older and your driving record contains a certain number of surchargeable events, your license may be suspended. Here’s some helpful information on what these events are and what accumulation will cause suspension.

Surchargeable Events

Surchargeable events are things that result in a penalty on your driving record. Auto insurance companies can also increase your premiums as a result. Some surchargeable events are minor and others are major. For instance, if you are speeding 10 mph above the limit, this may result in a minor moving violation. However, if you were road racing and driving 50mph over the limit, that would be a major violation. Accidents for which you are at fault can also be minor or major. A small fender bender with little damage would be a minor accident. An accident with significant vehicle damage and/or personal injury would be a major surchargeable event. Minor versus major surchargeable events can be an important distinction when it comes to license suspension.

Reasons for Mandatory Driver’s License Suspension in Massachusetts

3 Speeding Violations

Your license will be suspended for 30 days if you have 3 speeding tickets within a one-year period. This, of course, does not include any tickets that you successfully dispute. The excess speed or cost of the ticket is irrelevant. At the end of the 30 days, you must pay $100 to reinstate your license.

3 Surchargeable Events

Within a two year period, if you have 3 surchargeable events, your license will be suspended. You must complete a special driver’s education course before requesting reinstatement. A $100 fee will also be required to reinstate your license.

7 Surchargeable Events

Within a 3 year period, if you accumulate 7 surchargeable events, then your license will be suspended for 60 days. The $100 reinstatement fee applies.

Habitual Traffic Offender

Habitual offenders are drivers with 3+ major moving violations or 12+ minor moving violations within a five-year time frame. A 4-year suspension period applies and the cost to reinstate is $500.

Out-of-state Suspension

If you hold a license in more than one state, suspension of that out-of-state license will result in your Massachusetts license being suspended as well. Once that other suspension is completed, you can reinstate your Massachusetts drivers license for a fee of $100.

Other Reasons for License Suspension

The above lists only driving record related reasons for mandatory driver’s license suspension in Massachusetts. There are other reasons that your license may be suspended and some are completed unrelated to surchargeable events. This includes fake ID usage, failing to register as a sex offender, overdue income taxes, outstanding arrest warrants, and more. For a complete list of reasosn for license suspension, refer to the Massachusetts driver’s manual, chapter 2 on Keeping Your License.