April Vacation Home Safety Tips

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It’s almost April school vacation! If you’re like most families, you may be going away. This time of year, homes in Massachusetts are a target for thieves. They may canvas neighborhoods looking for vacant properties. Help keep your home safe with these April Vacation Home Safety Tips.

Hold Your Mail

You can quickly and easily have the US Post Office hold your mail. This can be done right on their website at https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/. Mail will be delivered upon your return date, so you will not need to visit the post office to retrieve it.

Put Lights on a Timer

A completely dark home is a clear sign that no one is home. When your home remains dark for several days, it may catch the attention of burglars. Consider putting a few lamps on a timer in a room where the windows are visible to passersby, but shut your curtains of course. Timers going off at different times and in different rooms may also help.

Lock All Doors and Windows

No matter how safe your neighborhood may be, you should never leave your home unlocked while you are away on vacation. If anyone needs to access your home while you’re gone, give them a key rather than leaving things unlocked.

Don’t Post to Social Media

Avoid announcing your vacation plans ahead of time on social media. Not only will people know that you’re away, but they will also know for exactly how long your home will be vacant. Burglars can take their time looking through your home for valuables, knowing that you are unlikely to return and catch them in the act.

Ask Trusted Neighbors to Keep An Eye on Things

A trustworthy neighbor can be an important asset. Let a neighbor know that you will be away and to alert the police of any suspicious activity. Make sure that they also have your phone number in case of emergency.

Other April Vacation Home Safety Tips

As you get excited about your vacation plans, it is important to remember home safety before you truly get into vacation mode. Before you leave the house, be sure to unplug any electronics that may present a fire hazard. It’s a good idea to quickly walk through the home one last time before locking up. Check windows, heat settings, etc. Knowing that your home is safe will help you relax and better enjoy your vacation.