Deciding Whether To Stay In Your Home During Remodeling

Home Remodeling SafetySpring is a popular time for remodeling projects. Are you preparing to renovate your property this Spring? Among your many decisions is deciding whether to stay in your home during remodeling. Consider the following.

Allowing for the Disturbance

Every remodeling project is unique and as a result has diverse levels of disturbance. First of all, you should bear in mind your degree of tolerance. If you stay in your residence on your own, you should be able to manage it better than if you have family or animals. There are several other points to think about.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Rooms Affected

Take into account the rooms of the residence that you may not have access to and whether or not you can live comfortably without using it. If construction is being completed in a kitchen, what other options do you have for food preparation (i.e. a grill). For bathroom remodeling, is there another bathroom that can be used?

2. Time Spent in the House

If you are at home during the day since you work from home, take into consideration if noise levels could be an issue. Electricity might also be shut off for a period of time so that a job may be completed – could this have a bearing on your power to work? If you stay at home with your kids, what activities at the home could be affected during the course of the day and night? These are all essential questions to ask.

3. Duration of Project

Deciding whether to stay in your home during remodeling will naturally be influenced by the extent of the project. If you are willing to stay home with the nuisance of repairs being performed, you should naturally determine for what duration of time you can do so.

4. Thwarting the Project

Does you being present help or hinder the work? If you not staying in the home substantially shortens the amount of time it takes for the renovation to be concluded, then it might be well worth it to vacate for the time being.

5. Safety Concerns

With renovation comes dust, tools, and rubbish. Think about where these might spread to and what impact it can have on your well-being, particularly if you have kids. Ask if it is feasible to block off the area without getting in the way of the project.

Deciding Whether To Stay In Your Home During Remodeling

Ultimately, occupying your home during remodeling is your prerogative. Just be sure to make an informed decision depending on the size of the work, duration, safety considerations, and effect on your every day living. Review each of these with your contractor. Stay optimistic, but take into account what may go wrong.

Insurance Considerations

For major renovations, you should contact your homeowners insurance company to discuss your policy. Your policy may need to be adjusted to reflect the additional living space and/or the increased property value that may result. You will want to protect the investment that you made in the renovation if there is a fire or other major event that causes damage to your home.