Contract Provisions For MA Property Repairs

Having work completed on your property can be stressful. In addition to the important decision of selecting a contractor, there are several things you should consider relating to the written agreement to complete the work. It is important for both you and your contractor establish specific terms. Below is what you should know about contract provisions for MA property repairs.

Basic Contract Provisions

Most contracts will have some basic clauses. This typically includes:

  • Contractor Details
  • Your Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Total Pricing
  • Information on the Tasks to Be Performed
  • Payment Schedule

More details are generally an added better. Rather than generic references, ask for detailed line items. For instance, if you are having many items taken care of, list each one on the paperwork along with its price. This will be important if you need to remove or alter a particular line item and will reduce disagreement over pricing. Also mention the manufacturer or quality of equipment if relevant. Everything that you discussed with the contractor can be documented in the contract provisions.

Additional Things to Consider


Scheduling are a usual misunderstanding between homeowners and contractors. To avoid any confusion, detail estimated time frames. If timing is essential, that should be prominently noted as well.


Contract provisions may also outline other terms for the contractor and the homeowner. It can restrict how early workers may arrive or how late they may stay at your home, areas of the home where they are permitted, and any other relevant instructions. As the property owner, you may be asked to perform some tasks such as moving belongings. The only way to verify that all parties are aware of these arrangements is to include it in the contract.

Contract Provisions For MA Property Repairs

You might interview several potential contractors before selecting one, hold multiple discussions with a single one, or have multiple contractors working on different things at the same time. It will be easy to get things wrong and make big mistakes. Having a detailed contract will help you stay organized and protect your interests. The what you should know about contract provisions for MA property repairs provided here are just a some general tips and should not be considered legal advice. Speak to a lawyer on questions relating to a specific contract or issue.