MA Apartment Rental Terms

When buying an investment property or renting one yourself, it is important to understand some typical terms. As either a landlord or a tenant, you have specific responsibilities. The information below includes an introduction to MA apartment rental terms.

Structures of Tenancy

There are two basic types of tenancy: leases and tenancy at-will. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but the major difference involves the time frames. Leases detail definite time frames whereas tenancy-at-will is more indefinite. Before offering a specific type of tenancy, landlords typically consider the impact of particular dates (i.e. school start and end dates), the cost of finding new tenants, and other similar situations.

Obligations of Each Party

Both landlords and tenants have certain obligations to fulfill. For example, landlords must furnish minimal standards of safety and cleanliness (as defined by law). Tenants must pay rent and not damage a property beyond normal wear and tear. Additional terms may be outlined in the rental terms, although some terms may either be required by law or forbidden. Ultimately, it is important for both landlords and tenants to know their rights and to comprehend all provisions in a rental agreement before singing. It is possible for some items to be negotiated to accommodate the requirements of both parties.

Types of Deposits

One of the key terms in any rental agreement involves deposits. A security deposit can be requested to cover expenses related to damages. Rent for the last month is also sometimes requested in order to prevent tenants from applying security deposits towards the last month or to facilitate a one month notice. It is important to have receipts for any deposits being held. MA laws can specify maximum amounts, where money is deposited (i.e. into an escrow account with interest), and time frames for refunding it to tenants.

An Introduction To MA Apartment Rental Terms

The above includes only basic elements of MA apartment rental terms. It is provided merely as a general introduction and must not be construed as legal guidance. Consult with an experienced MA attorney for actual legal guidance. More detailed resources on MA apartment rental termscan also be found on the official state website. You may also follow our blog for additional information on this and related topics.