Early Spring Lawn Care Tips for Massachusetts Homeowners

It’s finally beginning to look a bit like spring in New England. While temperatures still fluctuate between winter chill and springtime breezes, our lawns are finally waking up from their seasonal slumber. That’s why prepping now to ensure healthy grass is so important! Seize this awakening to lay the groundwork for beautiful grass with these early spring lawn care tips for Massachusetts homeowners.

Clean and Clear

The first step to a healthy lawn is to remove any debris and detritus that remain from the winter storms. Heavy winds wreaked havoc in many of our yards – and some of the damage still remains. Now is the time to clear away all of the fallen branches and twigs, remove lingering leaves, and gently rake away any ‘snow mold’ that may have appeared. Not only with this provide better airflow to the soil, but will allow you to see where any bare spots have developed.

Weed Me and Seed Me

Once you have cleared the lawn of debris, we don’t want you to get lost in the weeds.  Now is the time to remove any existing growth before you tackle the bare spots with fresh seed. Those pesky weeds compete with grass growth so pull them before they spread or go to seed. Then apply fresh seed to those barren spots to foster regrowth and nurse those areas back to health. Don’t forget to water the newly seeded areas for a least a week or, ideally, until regrowth has reached a mow-able height.
Feed Me

You’ll need more than daily watering to nourish springtime growth. Feed your grass with a lawn fertilizer to maximize root production. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully to ensure best results.

Put Mulch on it

This is one of the most important early spring lawn care tips for Massachusetts homeowners. For flower beds and non-grass areas, adding mulch helps to retain moisture and limit weed growth. A fresh layer of mulch not only provides added moisture, but it helps block exposure to sun – preventing the opportunity for those pesky weeds to seed and pop up.

Summary of Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

Seize the season! Embrace the chance to awaken your dormant lawn and help revitalize the grass from its winter slumber with these early spring lawn care tips for Massachusetts homeowners. You’ll thank us come summer when your yard is the subject of neighborhood lawn envy.