Electrical Safety Tips for MA Homeowners

Electricity is a convenience that we cannot live without. We use electricity every day, yet we don’t often think about the dangers that may be present in our homes until something happens. Avoid electrical dangers by performing a safety check of your home. Here are a few electrical safety tips for MA homeowners.

Electrical Cords

As with any household item, electrical cords can become worn over time. This can occur from other items rubbing up against it or from general age. Check the cords on all of your electrical appliances and household items to ensure that the safety coating has not worn down. Replace damaged cords as needed.

Extension Cord Usage

electrical cordsExtension cords are not safe for all products, especially electrical equipment with high power consumption (such as air conditioners). Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. In cases where extension cords are specifically mentioned as being unsafe, be sure to plug those items directly into a wall outlet. If one is not available, hire an electrician to install one.

Performance of Outlets and Switches

If you have any outlets or switches in your home that do not work properly, it is worthwhile to have them checked. Glitches are normally a sign of incorrect wiring. This can be a fire hazard, especially if issues are present inside of walls and other areas not readily visible.

GFCI Outlets

In kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of your home with sinks and tubs, it is important to have GFCI outlets installed. These outlets will shut off when there is a surge. This can occur if an appliance plugged into that outlet touches water. It is an important safety measure.

Old Wiring

If you own an older home, you may still have “know and tube” wiring present. This type of wiring features exposed electrical lines. They can be dangerous. Consider having the wiring in your home updated. Although it may be expensive, failing to do so could cause damage to your home that far exceeds the cost of addressing it ahead of time. Furthermore, updated electrical wiring may reduce your homeowners insurance cost.

Other Electrical Safety Tips for MA Homeowners

The above are just a few important electrical safety tips to consider. If you recently purchased your home and obtained an inspection, your inspection report may include other suggestions. It is important not to delay repairs for electrical issues. Problems that go undetected or unaddressed can lead to fires. Protect your investment and the safety of your family by checking your electrical systems and appliances yearly and being proactive about any potential issues.