Keeping Pests Away | MA Homeowner Tips

pestcontrolWarmer months are a great time to enjoy your home and the outdoors, but one thing you may not be enjoying so much are the pests in and around your home. Ants can be a particularly troublesome during the spring and summer time. Keeping pests away from your home is important and there are several things that you can do. Here are some MA homeowner tips to consider.

1. Seal Gaps/Openings

If you have any gaps in your foundation, doorways, or lower level windows, you are providing easy entry to your home. Consider sealing these gaps to make your home more difficult to access.

2. Don’t Leave Food Out

A food source is what pests find most attractive about your home. Don’t invite them in by leaving crumbs on the floor or food on your countertop or in your sink. If you forget a plate of food on your counter for just one night, you may wake to find a swarm of ants and other insects having a picnic. Ants leave a trail so that other ants know where to find food, so once you’ve cleaned up, you may continue to find ants in that area for days or even weeks! Be vigilant about your cleanup to avoid this problem in the first place.

3. Store Your Trash Securely

Simply taking your trash outdoors is not enough to keep the pests away. You don’t want to attract any pests near your home to begin with. Be sure to bag all of your trash and place them in secure containers with lids.

4. Address Problems Early

If you notice signs of any pests in your home, take immediate measures to address the situation. Depending on the type of pests and the extent of the problem, solutions may be available at your local hardware store. For more serious issues, consider contacting a pest termination company for assistance.

Being Proactive About Keeping Pests Away

There are many companies that offer preventative treatment for pests. Many will visit your home and spray around your foundation and select locations inside of your home. Seasonal and monthly treatment plans are offered as well. If you live in an area prone to pest problems, it may be worthwhile to sign up for these preventative programs. Keeping pests away from your home not only improve your quality of life but also preserves your property value.