Fall Home Maintenance Tasks | MA Homeowner Tips

Fall arrives in just a few weeks! That means it’s time to start thinking about your home and preparing it for what may be a rough winter. Here are a few fall home maintenance tasks for as part of our MA homeowner tips series.

Don’t Ignore your Lawn

You may think that summer is over and that lawn maintenance is no longer needed. This is actually a critical time for your lawn. Aerating and seeding your lawn during the fall ensures a healthy lawn in the spring, so it’s an important fall home maintenance task. If you are unsure about how to do this, there are an abundance of lawn care companies in Massachusetts that can assist you. If you prefer a DIY approach, your local hardware store may rent out core aeration machines.

Paint and Fill

Now is the time to touch up exterior paint and fill any gaps.Exposed wood can get wet and rot over time.┬áTouching up any peeling paint will prevent it from getting damaged over the winter. It’s also a great idea to fill gaps and better seal your home. This will also help reduce heating costs over the winter.

Secure or Store

Fall is hurricane season. Even is a hurricane does not reach the east coast, the wind can still cause damage to your home. During the early fall months, start deciding what items should be left inside or placed in the shed or basement for storage. For items left outdoors, think about how secure it may be. You may want to tie some things down to prevent them from being damaged from wind or snow.

Remember to Winterize

Finally, one of the most important fall home maintenance tasks is to winterize. Start with your sprinkler system since that could require a costly repair if damaged. Don’t forget to empty lines leading to outdoor spigots. Take air conditioning units out of windows (these are entry points for cold air and could also be damaged in winter weather). Look for any other obvious winterization tasks in and around your home.