Fall Lawn Care Tips

fall-lawn-careLet’s face it – it was a rough summer here in New England for lawns. With little to no rain and water bans on irrigating, many lawns suffered from the arid conditions. That’s why prepping now to ensure healthy grass come springtime is so important! Autumn is a great time to get out and work on the yard. The temperature, like Goldilocks’ porridge, is not too hot, not too cold…but just right! Take advantage of these crisp days to (literally and figuratively) lay the groundwork for beautiful grass with these fall lawn care tips.

Feed Me!

A well-fed lawn is a healthier lawn. And it all begins with the roots. This is the perfect time to rebuild those roots that were damaged during the hot, dry summer with a fertilizer feeding. Choose a fertilizer that is seasonally specific and make sure to space two separate feedings between 6 – 8 weeks. Don’t let your roots go hungry!

Weed Me!

This is also a great time to kill any weed growth that has developed over the summer. A good rule of [green] thumb is to time that first feeding with a weeding – knock out two jobs at once. Feed, weed, and…

Seed Me!

That arid lawn has taken a beating all summer and could use some fresh seed to foster regrowth. Spread a little love by reseeding with a grass seed mix. Make sure you keep the fresh seeds and new grass lightly watered daily until they reach mowing height.

But Don’t Smother Me…

Leaves on grass equate to suffocation. A build up of fallen leaves can smother your grass and block vital sunlight to your lawn. Hate raking? Try this tip instead – mulch! Grind up those leaves into small pieces with your lawn mover and apply that instant mulch to your grass prior to your second feeding.

Let Me Breathe!

Aerate. Getting back to the root of the matter – aerating your lawn allows for all the vital nutrients to penetrate into the roots, enabling them to grow healthier and stronger. Aerating cool season turf in late fall will allow for root recovery prior to winter dormancy. Breathe some fresh life into those roots for a vibrant lawn next spring.

Go Shorty!

That’s right – fall is the season to adjust those blades and mow your grass shorter.  Aim to start cutting grass 1 – 2 inches shorter in late fall until it stops growing around early winter.

Seize the season. Show a little TLC now with these fall lawn care tips so that your grass will reap the benefits this spring!