Massachusetts Halloween Home Safety Tips

Halloween Safety TipsBefore you bust out the candy, carve those jack-o’-lanterns, and string those spider webs – you might want to prep your property for the influx of costumed creatures headed your way on All Hallows’ Eve! The theme of the holiday may be all about scary things that go bump in the night…but you don’t want one of those to be someone who has fallen on your property and suffered an injury! Keep in mind that many strangers may be visiting your home (masked and clad in awkward costumes that could impair their vision or ability to walk normally) – thus posing a higher risk of liability for any incidents that may occur on your property. Here are some Halloween home safety tips to help you prepare:

Clear the Walkways

Make sure that you remove any tripping hazards on the surfaces (walkway, lawn, etc.) leading up to your home and clear away any sharp objects that may present a danger.

Front Porch Safety

Check the steps leading up to the door that you will be using for trick or treating. Are the handrails solid and secured in place? What about your stairs? If need be, fix any broken steps and loose railings.

Light the Way

Turn on all lights along walkways and entryways. You can always use lighted jack-o’-lanterns to help brighten the scene – it’s both decorative and functional at the same time!

Don’t Be too Scary!

A little fright night fun is fine, but be careful that you aren’t scaring your guests to the point of fear. If they run off in a panic, you may find yourself liable for a trip and fall injury.

Hold the Homemade Treats

Even if you are a confectionary genius or consummate chef – keep the homemade treats in the house! The last thing you need is to be liable for a food allergy or food-borne illness. It’s certainly no treat to get sick from an unregulated creation. Stick to pre-packaged, store-bought treats.

Packaged Properly

Check to ensure all those candies and other treats are securely packaged. If you notice an opening or tear in the packaging, remove the item so that you won’t hand it out accidentally.

You can keep it safe but still have some frightful fun with these Halloween home safety tips! Bring on the boo, cackle, and howl…but make sure the bloodcurdling scream isn’t one from a fallen trick-or-treater on your lawn!