Hurricane Season Prep for MA Residents

MA Hurricane PrepSeptember marks the peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic – and just because you live in Massachusetts doesn’t mean that you are without risk. Many local coastal towns can attest to significant damage and destruction from hurricanes over the years. And although major storms are rare, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared and have an action plan in place in the event of a fast-moving tropical storm heads up the East Coast. What can you do? Here are a few suggestions for hurricane season prep for MA residents.

Stock Up!

Make sure you have a stash of water and non-perishable foods stored in the house during this time of year. Don’t wait for the mad rush immediately before a storm to stock up on items like canned food and bottled water. Plan ahead and save yourself the hassle of an emergency run to the store and the possibility of sold-out shelves.

Prepare a “Go-Bag”
You can never predict what will happen when a severe storm hits. Better to have a bag with essentials like warm (preferably waterproof) clothing, a flashlight, and any indispensable paperwork ready to go in case of a sudden evacuation or emergency rescue.

Secure your Home

Take a look at your home and surrounding property and imagine what gale force winds and flash flooding could do to items around the house. Do you have outdoor furniture that you could put away or tie down? Are there any lawn ornaments or small items that could become projectiles when the wind kicks up? What about potted plants, children’s toys, patio umbrellas, loose firewood, etc? Make sure you secure everything as best as possible with the time that you have available prior to an approaching storm.

Create an Emergency Plan

Talk to your children and other family members about what to do in case of emergency and make a solid plan ahead of the storm. Some questions to consider: What if your children are not able to make it home – where should they go instead? What area of the house is considered the safest to ride out the storm? Does everyone have a flashlight handy in case of a power outage? If for some reason you become separated, where will you meet after the storm passes? It’s always best to have an established plan and be well versed in the details before an emergency arises.

More on Hurricane Season Prep for MA Residents

New England weather can be unpredictable…even during hurricane season. And although major tropical storms are uncommon in this area, you might as well be prepared with this simple guide to hurricane season prep for MA residents.