5 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks for MA Homeowners

fall-leavesWhile the thought of summer coming to an end is not something we like to think about…the fall equinox is rapidly approaching. Luckily we live in New England – one of the most popular destinations in autumn – with stunning foliage and moderate temps. It’s a great season to get outside and enjoy all there is to offer…everything from football games and leaf peeping hikes, to cider donuts and all things pumpkin flavored! It’s also the perfect time to get out in the yard and work on your home. Here are 5 home maintenance tasks for MA homeowners that will allow you to take advantage of the pleasant weather and give you a head start on seasonal home care.

Rake Leaves

With great foliage comes great responsibility…for your lawn! Those leaves may be a sight to behold while still on the branches, but the moment they start falling and piling up, it’s time to get out and rake. Allowing them to buildup will suffocate your grass and cause damage to your entire lawn. Plus – who doesn’t love jumping in giant pile of leaves? It’s almost a rite of passage for every child and dog in New England!

Clean Out Gutters

Perhaps not the most exciting or enjoyable task, but removing leaves from the gutters is just as necessary (if not more so) than clearing them off the ground. Raking will save your lawn, while cleaning out the gutters will prevent the formation of ice dams. Granted, gutter cleaning may lack the soothing sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, but it’s much better than facing the dreaded dripping noise caused by water damage to your home.

Seal Gaps in Doors and Windows

Sealing gaps is another preventative measure to avoid any potential water damage as well as better insulate your home – helping to keep heating costs down during the winter months. For older windows, you can always purchase plastic coverings at your local hardware store to seal and protect.

Seal Gaps in Foundation

Plan ahead. Don’t let the moderate fall weather lull you into a sense of complacency about the colder days that lie in wait. Make sure you seal any gaps in your foundation or other areas where pests might find a way into your home. When the temperature drops, these critters are looking for a cozy place to hole up for the winter. Don’t give them an easy pass in to your place.

Service Your Heating System

Again, think in advance. Perhaps one of the most important of the 5 fall home maintenance tasks is to have your heating system checked now to minimize any CO dangers and to improve its overall efficiency for the colder months ahead.

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks For MA Homeowners

It’s time to embrace the upcoming autumn season! Bust out the flannel, stock up on your favorite harvest-inspired ales, and get started on your seasonal home care. Fall back into a sense of security with these 5 fall home maintenance tasks for MA homeowners.