Is Your Home Safe From the Frigid Cold?

During frigid temperatures, it is important to take some extra precautions to keep your home safe from the frigid cold. This requires a few safety steps and some good habits. Here are a few ways things to keep in mind.

Safety Steps

1 – Find Your Water Main Shutoff

If your pipes burst, you may need to quickly shut down the water supply to your home. Locate and mark that shutoff valve with a bright colored flag or rag. Additionally, make sure the path to get to the valve is cleared from boxes and other storage items that may be in your basement.

2 – Check for Air Leaks

Take a walk around the interior of your home (including the basement) and look for small gaps where cold air may be entering your home. Fill it with products found at your local hardware store. This will lower your heating bill and keep your home safe from the frigid cold temps.

3 – Be Aware of Exhaust Vents

Accumulating snow can block air vents from your heating system, clothes dryer, etc. Locate these vents and keep them clear of snow and debris at all times. Blocked vents can force carbon monoxide into your home or create a fire hazard.

Good Habits and Practices

Now let’s talk about some good habits for cold temps.

1 – Keep Garage Door Shut

If you have a habit of keeping your garage door open for extended periods of time, it’s time to break that habit! Cold air in your garage will make adjacent rooms much colder as well. Additionally, if you have any plumbing or fixtures in your garage, keeping the doors shut will protect them from the cold. With this being said, it’s critical to note that you should never keep your car running with the garage doors closed!

2 – Keep Entrance Doors Shut

The same goes for your front and back doors. Get into the habit of opening and closing them quickly, rather than leaving them wide open. Cold air can quickly enter your home and make your heating system work harder to return the space to a comfortable temperature.

In Closing

Frigid cold temperatures require a little bit more consciousness and diligence on your part. Keeping the cold out not only protects your home but it also reduces your heating expenses. Take some time to look around your home and think of others ways to keep your family and your home safe from the frigid cold?