Snow Storm Preparation Tips for Massachusetts Residents

snow storm preparation tipsIn case you haven’t heard,… a storm is coming! And it’s supposed to be a long and heavy one with high snow totals and freezing temperatures to follow. What can you do to keep your home safe during this winter blast? Here are a few snow storm preparation tips for your home.

Clear Snow Frequently

For storms like this that span several days, it’s a good idea to shovel frequently rather than waiting until the end. First, it’s easier to clear smaller amounts of snow at a time. Secondly, but not letting the snow linger, it’s less likely to freeze into a solid mass that becomes nearly impossible to break down.

Spread Salt or Sand Generously

If you’ve been watching the local news, you’ve probably heard the phrase “flash freeze” a few times already. Temps will drop quickly and steeply during this storm, leading to very icy conditions. This increases the danger of slip and falls, which is a liability for you as a homeowner. Knowing these conditions are coming, spread lots of salt or sand on your walkways to keep both you and your visitors safe!

Remember Space Heater Safety

If you plan to use a space heater during the frigid temperatures, remember space heater safety tips. This includes not leaving your unit running unattended, keeping them a distance from flammable objects, and protecting your kids and pets. 

Remember the Children

Given recent events, we thought it would be important to include a note about young children and the cold. Last week, a toddler wandered outside of her home in NH during the middle of the night and froze to death. This tragic event is an important reminder that home child safety precautions are particularly important during winter months. If you have young children, consider adding extra locks on doors leading to the outside. Place these locks at a height beyond your children’s reach. Other measures such as door chimes and motion/sound activated baby monitors may also be helpful. Although this isn’t strictly for snow storm preparation, it’s still important given the harsh conditions on the way. 

Final Thoughts

Storms are a time of a heightened precautions and the need for preparation. We haven’t had any significant snow yet this year, so this first storm is likely to catch many off-guard. Keep the above snow storm preparation tips in mind to keep your family safe!