Rain Rain Go Away! MA Basement Waterproofing Tips

Basement waterproofingIt’s Spring time, which means lots of rain. For many who own older homes in MA, this is the dreaded time of year where they get water in their basement. Whether you get minor or major seepage, any amount of water in the basement is a pain. Here are a few MA basement waterproofing tips that may help you better weather the storms.

Add Gutters

If you’re getting water in your basement due to run-off water from the roof, then adding gutters may solve the problem. Gutters can direct water away from your home. Be sure to attach extensions to downspouts to get water as far away from your foundation as possible.

Improve Soil Grading

Soil grading is usually a big culprit when it comes to water seepage in basements. If the soil around your foundation doesn’t slope downward and outward, then water may be pooling around your property with nowhere to go except your basement. Improve the grading to slope away from your home can do wonders!

Add a French Drain

Some basements suffer from water problems due to a high water table. Something more dramatic, such as a French drain, may be needed. French drains are channels around the perimeter of your basement that funnel water to a sump pump. By directing and pumping out moisture, these systems can prevent water from entering your basement directly.

Perform Pointing

A large number of homes in MA have fieldstone foundations. These are essentially large stones with cement filled in the gaps. Unfortunately, these are very prone to water seepage. One potential solution is called “pointing”. It involves filling the gaps and covering everything with a layer of cement. You may also add a coat of water-resistant paint as the final layer.

More MA Basement Waterproofing Tips

There is no single MA basement waterproofing technique that works for everyone. It really depends on your property and addressing the source of your issues. For some, it’s gutters or soil grading, and for others it may be the need for pointing or a French drain system. If you are not sure which approach is best for your property, consider contacting a professional to evaluate the property for you. Solving your basement water issues will help you better appreciate the Spring season and the warmer days to come!