MA Winter Weather Home Safety Reminder

MA winter thawThat first big winter storm finally arrived in Massachusetts. We thought this would be a good time to remind you of some important MA winter weather home safety tips.

Clean Walkways

In the state of Massachusetts, homeowners are responsible for clearing sidewalks and walkways. It is important that  you clear the snow and put down some salt and ice to prevent slipping. Snow may melt slightly during the day but freeze again overnight, leading to some very slippery conditions. Minimize personal injury claims on your property by properly treating all walkways on your property.

Keep An Eye on Ice Dams

It doesn’t take a lot of snow to create ice dams, so always keep an eye on the edges of your roof. Anytime you have a sunny day with some melting, conditions for ice dams start to form. Yesterday’s snow was particularly wet and heavy, so being proactive is a good idea. Pull down some of that snow, if you can. Break apart any icicles that you see forming on the edge of the roof over this next week.

Clear Heating Vents

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a big danger in the winter. As snow starts to build up, it can block vent pipes tied to your heating system. This can result in improper air circulation and the build up of carbon monoxide gas in your home. Clear the area around your vent pipes now before the next storm hits (which may be early as this week). This is an extremely important MA winter weather home safety tip.

MA Winter Weather Home Safety

Home safety should always be on your mind during winter weather conditions. You want to remain safe inside of your home by allowing your heating system to properly vent and function. Safety outdoors is equally important for you, your family, and any visitors. Don’t delay cleaning the exterior of your home and be generous with the salt/sand. With some diligence and some luck, you can avoid costly injuries and law suits related to MA winter weather home safety.