Tips for Managing Frigid Temperatures in MA

bursting pipesWe’ve had higher than normal temperatures for most of this winter in MA, but that has now changed. In fact, subzero temperatures are predicted for this coming weekend! It also happens to be school vacation week in MA. We thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of some important home safety tips for managing frigid temperatures in MA.

Change Thermostat Settings

When temperatures are this cold, it is important to keep your thermostat settings a little higher. This particularly applies to when you’re not home. Many experts advise that you maintain the same temperature within your home at all times during freezing weather conditions.

Preventing Bursting Pipes

Frigid temperatures bring with it the danger of bursting pipes. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent this.

Winterizing Pipes

If you haven’t already done so, drain the water in the pipes leading to your exterior spigots.

Regulating Temperature

In the basement, garage, and any other spaces that may contain water pipes, be sure to keep the exterior doors closed. This will help retain warmth and better regulate the temperature. If your basement/garage remains particularly cold, consider adding some insulation to the water pipes. For interior living spaces, you may want to open cabinet doors in the kitchen and baths to allow heat to reach the water pipes.

Vacation Precautions

If you’re planning to go away for school vacation week, consider shutting off the main water supply in your home. If a pipe does burst while you are away, this will at least prevent water from continually flowing into your home. Ask a friend or family member to check on your home. This will allow them to detect any issues and prevent the conditions from worsening

Covering Drafts

If you have any particularly drafty areas of your home, now would be a good time to cover it up. For example, you can place a blanket at the bottom of doors to prevent cold air from seeping in. Window coverings are sold at your local hardware store. Alternatively, you can also purchase insulated curtains.

More On These Tips for Managing Frigid Temperatures in MA

By following the above tips for managing frigid temperatures in MA, you will help protect your property from bursting pipes and the resulting water damage. We’re all hoping that this cold weather moves out quickly! If you do run into any issues with your property as a result of the frigid temperatures, contact your homeowners insurance provider for guidance and assistance.