Tips on Preventing Home Break-ins

A break in or home invasion can be a terrifying experience. Victims say they have trouble feeling secure at home after an incident, even if they know everything is locked up tight. We have put together some tips on preventing home break-ins, to help you avoid this experience. These steps will help you not only avoid a break-in, but also protect you in the event one does happen.

Update Your Lock System 

Your door locks are the first line of defense against a home invader. You may give keys to family members, friends, or service providers such as dog walkers and cleaners. If you have coded door locks, you may give that code out to others. Whatever method you use to share access to your home should be reset every so often. If you share keys, you may want to change the locks. If you give out a code, reset it to a new code. This keeps your home secure and limited to only those that should currently have access.

Secure Entry Points

There’s nothing a would-be thief likes more than an easily accessible home. Don’t make yourself a target. Make it a habit to close and lock windows and doors, especially at night or when you are not home. Don’t leave ladders lying around. Also look for other items that burglars may use to access upper levels of your home. The harder you make it for someone to enter, the less likely they will do so.

Hide Your Valuables

Sadly, break-ins are often related to people that you know,… people who have visited your home and have seen your valuables. Thus, making sure valuables are kept in a safe or lock box can go a long way in preventing home break-ins. Keep jewelry, cash, weapons, collectibles, and other valuables safely locked away and from sight.

More Tips on Preventing Home Break-ins

One of the best ways of preventing home break-ins is to be aware of your own actions. Are you attracting attention to your home and its valuables through certain social media posts or conversations? Do you have habits, such as leaving doors open, that put your home at risk. Look at your actions and your home from an outside perspective and you might be surprised and what you notice. Through awareness, you can reduce your risk of a break-in.