6 Things Home Insurance Companies Don’t Like and May Not Cover

Home insurance can cover you if there is an accident, but preparing for an accident can help you avoid one completely.  There are 6 things home insurance companies don’t like and may not cover. Keeping your house a safe environment will save you money, time and stress. Let’s explore these potential dangers and how to keep them out of your home.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

Our furry canine friends are like family members to us. Unfortunately, some breeds have a reputation of being more violent, or more physically capable than others. Pitbulls, for instance, have extremely strong jaws and can cause damage to furniture, walls and even things like plumbing or garage doors. Larger dogs can also run into small children, bite, or cause damage to your home. Most insurance companies will not want the liability of dangerous dog breeds and will therefore not cover them or charge hefty fees to cover them.

You Have A Home Business

Being an entrepreneur may mean having a home office. If you have customers visiting your home or have employees working on site, this increases the risk of a potential claim related to that business. Home insurance companies prefer that you purchase business insurance rather than attempting to use your standard homeowner’s policy for your business activities. If you prefer not to purchase such a policy, renting an outside space or working in a shared commercial space can be a great alternative.

Trampolines and Pools

Having a spacious back yard is great when you have kids, pets or company. That being said, putting in a pool or purchasing a trampoline can be a huge red flag for insurance companies. Trampolines, especially those without a net, increase the risk of injury quite a bit. Pools are fun, but can be deadly as well. The heightened risk of injury, drowning, or even death is the main reason why Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance companies are not fans of these amenities. Try starting with a hammock, the whole family can enjoy it and the worst that can happen is sleeping through lunch!


Create a routine to inspect your house for signs of termite damage. Termites eat away at wood, causing issues with a home’s structural integrity. If termites go unnoticed for too long, the damage can be irreversible. Home insurance companies look to prevent these catastrophic events before they happen. If a home has noticeable termite damage, an insurance company may choose not to insure it to begin with, as the risk is too high.

Home Renovations

Planning for a home renovation can be awfully exciting. An insurance company looks at the same situation and tries to assess the potential risk. Hiring a professional will ensure the most coverage, as construction professionals are covered by their own insurance. If you decide to do the project yourself, make sure you are insured. An injury, mistake or improper completion of the job can negatively impact your home’s safety and increase your insurance costs.

More Things Home Insurance Companies Don’t Like and May Not Cover

If you’re curious what other things might present a problem for Massachusetts home insurance companies, we are happy to discuss them with you. If you are purchasing a new home, consider calling us before making an offer. This is particularly true if the home has any unusual features that may impact your premium. As independent insurance agents, we’re here to help you!