What To Ask Before Choosing A Contractor In MA

Whether you have a newer building or an older one, at some point in time you may require the assistance of a contractor to complete repairs. There are some steps that you can take to verify that the company you hire is competent, will perform quality work, and will meet your expectations. This article includes what to ask before choosing a contractor in MA.

Contractor Expertise

Find out exactly who will be completing the work and confirm that they specialize in the particular field. This will avoid you being surprised at the appearance of subcontractors when you assumed the primary contractor to be responsible for the task. Just as you would not hire a car mechanic to complete electrical issues, it is beneficial to choose contractors within the specific expertise required in your renovation. Experience typically results in higher quality work.

Certifications and Associations

Confirm that the company is licensed by the state. The license signifies that the contractor has met educational requirements and has knowledge of local building codes. Most states have a website that lists contractors and their status.

Some companies might also be affiliated with trade associations. This provides an added assurance as many have codes of ethics and a process for customers to resolve complaints. It also represents a focus on service and accountability as participation is usually voluntary.


Ask whether the contractor has insurance coverage. This minimizes your risk of incurring a lawsuit if someone gets injured on your property or cause damage to nearby properties. Any type of repair has risk of injury and it is important to protect yourself as a property owner.


Try to complete the additional due diligence of checking references. If possible, view samples of past work as well. This allows you to get a true sense of their workmanship.

What To Ask Before Choosing A Contractor In MA

It is critical to get an understanding of who you are permitting to enter your property to complete a project because in many cases they might be there at times when you are not. Asking about the items listed in the what to ask before choosing a contractor in MA

above will take additional effort, but it will minimize your risk and other headaches. This advice is intended only as a generic overview and should not be interpreted as legal advice or all-encompassing.