Keeping Pets Safe During Winter

This cold weather is not only tough on you, it’s also difficult for your pets too! Here are some tips on keeping your pets safe during winter.

Keep Pets Dry

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Staying dry is essential to staying warm. When you go out in the snow, you probably have on a weather proof coat to shield you. Your pets need a little extra protection too! Add a sweater or coat to your pet. Something that is water repellent or resistant would be even better. When you get back inside, dry off your pets as soon as possible.

Give Pets Extra Food and Water

Pets use extra energy to stay warm, so they need extra nutrition to compensate. Be sure to give your pets plenty of food and water. Most importantly, check your pets’ water bowl often to ensure that 1) they have plenty, and 2) that the water is not frozen.

Think Carefully About¬†Your Pets’ Environment

Although pets may be more durable, they still need warmth throughout the day. You should be particularly conscious of this given the frigid temperatures lately. Basements and garages may be colder this year than in the past. Avoid keeping your pets in these cold environments for extended periods of time. It may be better for find a space for them inside the heated area of your home during the day. Also  avoid keeping pets in the car for too long, as those temperatures are even more unbearable (even for short periods of time).

Be Aware of Chemical Exposure

During the winter, your pets may be exposed to more chemicals. For example, they will probably have quite a bit of salt and sand on them from walking outdoors. Be sure to clean your pets off as soon as returning home so they do not accidentally ingest it when licking their paws.

Anti-freeze is another chemical common in winter months. Your pets may get this on their paws or even try to ingest it when licking snow. Antifreeze tastes sweet but is deadly. Pay attention to what your pets lick while outdoors and, again, clean them off when returning from a walk.

Keeping Pets Safe During Winter

Keeping your pets safe should be a priority during these winter months. Make sure they stay warm. clean, and well fed. As we all attempt to survive these last few weeks of frigid winter temperatures and mounds of snow everywhere, we all need a little extra care and love.