Avoid Insurance Claims During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. As you enjoy this special time with your friends and family, it is easy to become absent minded about other things. Take some precautions to avoid insurance claims that could ruin your holiday season.

Sidewalk Safety

More visitors means more people who may potentially slip and fall on your property. Be sure to properly clear your driveway and walkways. Treat the surfaces with sand or salt to make them less slippery during frigid temperatures. This will help you avoid insurance claims from personal injuries.

insurance claims during holidaysChristmas Tree Safety

A Christmas tree fire could really affect your holiday celebrations. Prevent your tree from drying out by keeping in properly watered. This is particularly important when you first buy the tree. It normally requires watering multiple times a day  when first cut. Never leave tree lights on unattended or for prolonged periods of time. Lastly, place your tree a safe distance from wood burning fireplaces, candles, and other open flames.

Electrical Hazards

It’s hard to resist the beautiful glow of Christmas lights. As you prepare your holiday decorations, be aware of how many things you plug into an outlet or circuit. Multiple connecting lights can also be hazardous. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations for the number of lights that you can connect to one another. Reduce the chances of electrical fires by taking extra precautions and not overloading your systems.

Christmas Trash

If you’ve been a good boy or girl this year, you may get a lot of presents. Lots of presents lead to lots of trash on pickup day. Don’t advertise all the great (and expensive) gifts you received this year by visibly placing the packaging on the curb. This includes packaging for flat screen TV’s, game systems, electronic gadgets, jewelry, etc. Take the time to break up the boxes into smaller segments. As you group and tie them together, place the writing inward so they’re not clearly visible to anyone walking by. The less obvious you make your belongings, the less attention you will get from burglars.

Avoiding Insurance Claims During the Holidays

Avoiding insurance claims during the holidays is probably the last thing on your mind. However, a fire, burglary, or lawsuit could really ruin your season and cast a shadow on what should be a happy time of year. Taking a few steps to avoid insurance claims will ensure that you and your family can truly enjoy the holidays.