Gas Grill Safety Tips | MA Home Safety

grill safetyIn Massachusetts, summer is synonymous with barbecues. As you fire up your grill this summer, keep these important gas grill safety tips in mind.

Grill Placement

Never operate a gas grill indoors. Make sure your grill is placed outdoors in an uncovered area. Place the grill a safe distance from any structures such as your home or porch railings. The heat from your grill could actually melt vinyl siding and char wood railings or shingles. Lastly, ensure that the grill is away from where your children may play, to prevent burn injuries.

Grill Cleaning

Grill fires are often caused by greas build-up within the unit. Frequently clean not only the grill grates but also the flavorizer bars that cover the gas components and the tray below the grill. Newer grills typically make that tray easy to remove.

Grill Operation

Never leave a grill unattended. It takes mere seconds for children to get injured. A grill fire could also quickly start and get out of control. Keeping a close eye on your gas grill will ensure that you are available to quickly respond to any issues. Also, when done using the grill, be sure to shut off the gas at the source (and not merely at the burners).

Signs of Danger

If you smell gas when operating your grill, this could be a sign of a gas leak. Turn off the burners and the nozzle connected to the tank. Check for leaks in the hose and other components. It is best to have your grill components evaluated by a professional before attempting to operate it again.

MA Home Safety

Damage to your home from gas grill operation or other summer activities could be costly. To avoid a homeowners insurance claim, always keep safety in mind when operating equipment such as a gas grill. We hope that you find the above gas grill safety tips helpful. For more MA home safety tips, follow us on FaceBook at