School Bus Safety Tips for Children in MA

img29Back to school for many children often means back to the bus stop. As a parent, that can mean added stress regarding their safety. Questions as simple as “should you let them walk alone” and “will they get on the right bus” are enough to give you pause – let alone all the press about incidents involving children being hit at bus stops throughout the country. Many drivers have been cited for not stopping for school buses and several have been charged with causing more serious injuries. In fact, just yesterday, a 6 year old was hit by a car in Chelsea while approaching the school bus. Help keep your children safe and your stress level in check by discussing these school bus safety tips for children in MA with them.

Always Walk in Front of the Bus!

Encourage your kids to always walk in front of the bus when boarding and exiting so that they are visible to other drivers – and the bus driver will be able to see them.  Also, remind them to keep a safe distance from the bus to avoid walking in a blind spot.

Don’t Approach the Bus Until it has Come to a Complete Stop and Doors Open Explain that when they are getting on the bus, they should remain standing at the bus stop until the vehicle has fully stopped and wait until the doors have opened to approach and enter.

Stay in Your Seat and Don’t Walk Down the Aisle…

Advise them to remain seated and avoid walking down the aisle before the bus has fully stopped. Once the driver has opened the doors, they can get up and exit the bus. Reinforce this ‘stay seated until stop’ tip by explaining that they could get injured walking down the aisle when the bus is still motion.

Look Both Ways!

Caution them to always look both ways for oncoming traffic – and don’t assume that people will stop for the sign. There are many distracted drivers out on the road who are not paying attention and might not even notice that the bus has stopped and the sign is out.

Don’t Run!

Always make a point to walk, not run while entering and exiting the bus. Point out that when they are running, they have less time to react to any dangers that may arise. They will be more aware and in control of the situation if they avoid running.

There is only so much you can do to prevent your kids from harm. By teaching your children safety guidelines and reviewing these school bus safety tips for children in MA, you are doing your part to help protect them from danger and to ensure a safe ride to and from school.