Protecting Your Property From High Winds

It’s been very windy lately in Massachusetts. It’s time to start thinking about protecting your property from high winds. Here are some things that you can do to help minimize wind damage.

1. Home Repairs

Completing exterior home repairs can minimize additional damage. For example, if you have loose shingles on your roof or siding, these can easily be caught by winds. The resulting damage can be much more expensive to address than if you address the minor repairs in advance.

wind damage2. Bring In Items for the Winter

It may be difficult to accept, but winter is coming. It’s time to pull in the pots, rakes, hoses, tents, awnings, and other items that you normally keep outdoors. These items can be easily damaged by high winds and or the quickly approaching winter weather.These small items can also become projectiles due to high winds.

3. Secure Patio Furniture

Bigger items like patio furniture are normally forgotten. Even heavy items can get pushed over or carried by wind. Because of their added weight, they can break windows or chip doors. Consider putting your furniture into storage for the winter or tying them down securely.

4. Consider Placement of Outdoor Items

Some items cannot be easily stored indoors. Think carefully about where you place these items outdoors. Ask yourself whether they are likely to shift in winds, and if so, what they will fall on. If certain sides of your home are less windy than others, consider relocating certain items. Tie things down or together to prevent them from shifting.

Even if you are not worried about your outdoor property causing damage to your home, it may still be a good idea to move, cover, or store them. This will shield them from the elements and prolong their life. The above are just a few tips for protecting your property from high winds. Follow our blog for additional home ownership tips and ideas.