Frozen Pipe Precautions for MA Homeowners

Our first drop into freezing temperatures is quickly approaching. Property owners should be conscientious of the issues this can create. One expensive problem is frozen pipes. Below are some frozen pipe precautions to take into consideration.

Cause of Bursting Pipes

Within pipes, freezing may cause a blockage. When water freezes, it expands. You may have noticed this with items that you put in the freezer. The blockage may form a lot of pressure along the pipe as it continues to freeze. The pipe do not automatically blow at the point of the freeze. It will likely occur further down the line, usually near the faucets. It can originate within walls or even within kitchens and baths.

Frozen Pipe Precautions

There are pipes installed throughout your property and each may require a different approach..

Exterior Faucets

For pipes leading to the outside of your home, such as those feeding your outdoor faucets, you can turn off the water source and bleed the lines. You will not need to use hoses during frigid temperatures, there is no need to retain liquid in the pipes connected to them.

Indoor Pipes

For actively used pipes in your property, there are other options. First, consider sheltering the pipes with a special foam material commonly sold at a local hardware retailer. This is particularly helpful for pipes in unfinished basements. Pipes within the upper levels of the property may also rupture. Be sure to keep your heat running at all times. The expense of damages related to a broken pipe will far be more than the expense for heating the property.

Specific Tips for Temperatures Below Zero

Subzero temperatures require special precautions. The first is to keep your heat set at normal temperatures at all times. Secondly, leave kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors ajar to allow warmth to easily reach the pipes there. Finally, you may allow your faucet to drip slightly. This allows some pressure to leave the pipes.

General Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes Go a Long Way

Bursting pipes can create a big headache for homeowners, especially when it is undetected for hours or even days. It is definitely worth the money and time to take action to avoid this problem by observing these frozen pipe precautions. Be sure to ask your property insurance company to establish that you have coverage for issues like frozen pipes.