Is Your Home Safe From the Frigid Cold?

During frigid temperatures, it is important to take some extra precautions to keep your home safe from the frigid cold. This requires a few safety steps and some good habits. Here are a few ways things to keep in mind. Safety Steps 1 - Find Your … [Read more...]

Snow Storm Preparation Tips for Massachusetts Residents

In case you haven't heard,... a storm is coming! And it's supposed to be a long and heavy one with high snow totals and freezing temperatures to follow. What can you do to keep your home safe during this winter blast? Here are a few snow storm … [Read more...]

Home Safety Hazards for Kids

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Reducing the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger. In fact, every year there are cases of people getting extremely ill or even dying from CO poisoning.┬áThe risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is higher during the winter because of the need to provide heating. … [Read more...]