Things to Know before Buying a Home with a Pool

For many home buyers, the presence of a pool can create a bit of a dillemna. For some, it's a great added feature, while for others, it can be a burden. Where you fall into this range will depend on your lifestyle and your knowledge of pools. Here … [Read more...]

Homeowner’s Insurance for Swimming Pools

When most people think about backyard swimming pools, they think of fun summertime parties, relaxing swims after a hot day at work or splashing around with their children. They do not necessarily think about the liability that comes with owning a … [Read more...]

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

It is impossible to prevent accidents from occurring. That is, after all, the nature of an accident; they happen by chance. You can, however, do everything in your power to reduce the likelihood of an accident. If you own a swimming pool, accidents … [Read more...]