5 Ways to Reduce Your MA Auto Insurance Rate

Auto insurance rates are calculated based on many¬†different factors.¬†If you are price sensitive and are looking for ways to reduce your MA auto insurance rate, here are a few options to discuss with your insurance provider. 1. Increase Your … [Read more...]

Leading Causes of Increases to Car Insurance Rates

Driving safely is not only important for your protection and well-being, but it can actually help you save money. Auto insurance companies prefer customers with good driving records because it keeps premiums low and saves money. Therefore, insurance … [Read more...]

How MA Auto Insurance Rates Are Determined

There are several factors to how MA auto insurance rates are determined. Among the most common are driving record, location, the type of vehicle, and eligibility for discounts. Below are a few details on each of these factors. Driving Record The … [Read more...]