Holiday Driving Tips for MA Drivers

MA traffic jam holiday driving tips for MA driversWith the holidays come busy roads and traffic jams. Sitting through traffic can be stressful and frustrating. A car accident would only make that experience worse. As you prepare for your holiday travels, keep these holiday driving tips in mind.

Keep Your Distance

In a traffic jam, there can be a lot of stop and go. Sometimes traffic can come to a halt much quicker than you anticipate. Be sure to keep sufficient room between you and the car in front of you, giving you more than ample time to stop. Rear ending another car puts you at least 50% at fault, so a little extra space can prevent an accident.

Minimize Lane Changes

In your desire to get where you’re going fast, you may constantly search for the fastest moving lane. However, studies have shown that constant lane changing does not shorten your drive time. In fact, it often makes traffic (and the stress that comes with it) worse. Those lane changes are also more opportunities for an accident. ┬áSo, try and stay in one lane rather than constantly switching.

Don’t Text and Drive

Texting and Driving is against the law in Massachusetts. Not only can it get you a ticket, but it can also get you in an accident. Stop and go traffic actually requires more attention from you, rather than less. Since traffic can stop suddenly, taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can cause you to miss and important action,.. like braking!

Find Ways to Relax

Prepare yourself for the long ride. Bring your favorite music, pack a snack and drink, pack some toys for the kids, and make the ride more enjoyable for everyone. Don’t forget to get a full tank of gas before you hit the road. Proper preparation reduces stress, which leads to safer driving.

Stay Calm

It never fails,…every mistake by another driver will upset you when you’re sitting in traffic. Rather than yelling obscenities, just brush it off. Getting worked up will only make matters worse. The situation may also distract you from driving safely. Remember that no one likes traffic and some people may not handle it very well. You can choose to be a driver that takes it all in stride.

Holiday Driving Tips for MA Drivers

These holiday driving safety tips for MA drivers applies not only to the holiday season, but in any traffic jam. Staying calm, reducing your stress, and taking additional precautions such as keeping your distance and minimizing lane changes will reduce the likelihood of an accident. Get you and your family to your destination safely this holiday season by following these recommendations.