MA Driver Safety Tips: Snow Removal from Cars

Our first real snow storm of the season has passed. Some roadway accidents provided a good reminder of snow removal and MA driver safety tips. Keep this in mind for the next MA snow storm.

Snow Removal from Cars

ma snow safety tipsMassachusetts law requires that you remove snow from your cars. This includes any snow on the front and rear hood as well as the roof. You can be ticketed for failing to complete necessary snow removal. Driving with snow on your car is a danger to others around you. This is particularly true on highways where high speeds can cause the snow (and ice) to fly off and hit other cars or startle other drivers. On November 29th, one such incident occurred on Route 93 near Stoneham MA. Massachusetts State Police shared the following photo on their FaceBook page of the damage caused by snow flying off another vehicle’s roof. It caused extensive damage.

Other Important Snow Removal Safety Tasks

In addition to clearing off the hoods and roof, be sure to clear the snow off your lights and side view mirrors. These are important measures for your own safety. Obstructed headlights will make it difficult for you to see the road clearly. Covered tail lights can make your brake lights less noticeable and increase the chances of being rear ended. Your side view mirrors are important for lane changes and turns. Not having full use of any of these items will increase the likelihood of an accident.

Other MA Driver Safety Tips

In addition to snow removal, there are some other MA driver safety tips that will help you arrive at your destination safely. Make sure you have sufficient windshield washer fluid as you will use a lot more of it when driving during or shortly after a storm. This is especially true for highway driving. Check the functioning of your windshield wipers too. Defrost your windshields before you hit the road. Most importantly, make sure that your attention is fully on the road and that you can quickly react to road hazards and avoid an accident.